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High/Low range selection

Pedro the nomad

New Member
Apr 13, 2021
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I am wondering if someone can help me with a problem. I recently purchased an LC 200, 2014VX, and I notice high/ low range selection only works in warmer weather. On a cold morning (10C) I have to drive for half an hour before she warms up. Then the selection is normal. At the same time, the diff lock warning flashes, and the diff lock doesn’t work either. Very frustrating as cruise control won’t work until it fixes itself. I feel there could be a loose or wet connecting plug underneath that needs attention.
I understand this is not uncommon, and am reluctant to approach Toyota if I can avoid it.
another one: the hand book suggests that the reverse camera picture can show the coloured reversing guidelines, and I’m wondering if that on this model. Toyota are very unhelpful.
Any advice is appreciated.