HJ47 suspension lift?


I am in great_britain
Sep 10, 2014
Hello Folks

May I pick your brains again please?

My 47 dual cab has 31" wheels, which I think ought to be 33s, as the 31s look a bit 'lost' on it! However, I know this would need a bit more space above the wheels for plenty of suspension room so I looked into a proper 2.5" lift. I may have to go that route, but it is very expensive (replacement springs, shock absorbers, shackles, bushes, U-bolts - all as one kit = approx £1,500 = labour).

I was wondering whether the same can be achieved by simply putting longer shackles and longer shock absorbers on?

Anyone done this?




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Mar 6, 2010
Ugijar, Spain
May I suggest that before you start down this route you find someone locally with 33s on Toyota rims (any LC will do) and offer them up. Some years ago we were tempted to go to 33s but once we offered them up it was going to mean some body mods on the rear, although I appreciate your rear end is not standard, but it changed the whole look of the truck and we stayed with 31s. Using jacks you'll be able to see the articulation etc.
Assuming you like the look and it doesn't present a load of body mods, the shackles and shocks route will go most of the way. I have a spare set of 2.5" shackles with greasable bolts (although I have used 2 of the bolts elsewhere on the truck but no doubt a bolt specialist could supply replacements). Pm me if you want them. I used Desert Fox rear shocks +2.5. My front end is not stock so I can't say about that but Earl's do SS extended brake flex pipes (I have the part numbers somewhere so if you need them I'll look them out).
Bear in mind that if you are only going with the shackles, with the fixed points as stock then the shackles will only give 50% of the measured increase unless you also address extending the stock mounting. And then there is the steering geometry to consider: try jacking the front 2.5" (use axle stands) the study the effect on the steering geometry and then jack it so that the tyres are just in contact...
Kits are expensive but if you can get a look online what is in them then that helps to work it all out. You maybe able to get away with stock springs, etc. I have a spare set of 4 degree plates and longer spring bolts as well which would help correct the steering geometry.
Hope that helps


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I am in great_britain
Sep 9, 2010
Hi Cliffy I have 33 on me fj45 and a 2" lift. And it looks good good look with it I will be looking for a new suspension kit to get a softer ride old man emu .
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