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How big an issue is high mileage on dpf models?


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Oct 1, 2023
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I have recently bought a 2016 model VX for a bargain price only cause the mileage on it was over 320k.

I know normally for pre-DPF models, mileage was never an issue as long as the car was serviced and maintained properly and driven on highways.

However, I am a bit concerned for this 2016 dpf version. I was assured it was mostly highway driving and has full toyota service history till now.

Any info any one could provide regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Congratulations on you purchase! The optimist in me says that if the vehicle's performance is good, the fuel economy is where it should be, and you're not white smoking and there are no warning lights, then enjoy the ride while it lasts. However, Josh Cinzio, the managing director of diesel specialists J-Tech Automotive Enhancements in South Australia has been quoted with saying, “...if looked after should do this (function) for 200,000-300,000km without any problems.” Obviously you're above that so you have a couple of options at this time (other than buying a new one):
1) Adopt a wait and see approach. Service it when needed.
2) Get it professionally cleaned/regenerated. It'll be cheaper than replacing it.

Good luck!
In theory someone with a good diag tool can tell you how much ash is in the dpf, although this ma6 be calculated and not actual. I dont think the ash can be removed, hence dpf replacements at high mileages.