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How to clean diesel system after a bad tank of petrol?



Good day
I am doing a trans Africa. I posted a few questions here before when I am not sure. I am asking these questions when I am in a spot of difficulty.
We got a bad batch of diesel. I replaced the diesel filter. We have about 20 liter left of this bad patch.The engine electrics light is coming on and not the diesel filter light indicating to clear the excess water.
Do I need to totally clean the fuel system? Take the tank off and clean the pipes or would it do just adding good diesel?
The car only struggle to start in the morning because of this but It has cut out a couple of times with my old diesel filter.
I hope I explained myself good enough. I hope you have some ideas
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If you are down to the last of the bad diesel it will probably be
mostly water, that is usually why diesel is bad. Water sinks to the
bottom of the fuel tank and mixes with the last fuel to be used by
the engine. This being so your problem will get worse. There is also
an amount of fuel (water) in the tank that does not register on the
fuel gauge. Your best bet is to drain the tank by unscrewing the drain
plug underneath it, then put clean diesel in. Drain the water from the
filter housing a few times the next day. This should clean all of the
lines and give you back a good system.
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