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I am not sure I like my lifted springs and shocks


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Mar 22, 2010
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Well, I am still in 2 minds if I like my 120 with the lifted springs and shocks :?
It just feels high.
May be I want the 'pretty look' back, and not the 'rough and ready' ?
I don't know if to have some new original height springs put on.
Would I need to change out the new shocks also, or should they me kept?
I have only driven about 200 miles on them, as I am back in Korea / China for a few weeks.

Suggestions where to go for standard height springs?
Are there any other Toyota vehicles that have the same springs as the 120's
For example, do the 90 series, or the Toyota Surf ?


When I get back, Will put my original wheels back on, wit hthe BFG All Terrains.
See if I like it any more.

Have they not dropped any? I recall you saying it would settle.
It does look tall in the pic. Is there much body-roll in it now? What tyres do you have on there?

If you want to swap springs / shocks, I still have the standard ones one ;)

As for the "pretty look" - you thre it away with the black wheels, A-bar and huge spots. :lol:
Hi Crispin,
The ride is very much the same as before.
Marginally harder, but nothing that is bad.
To be honest, I haven't had the time to drive much, as I went back to Korea a week after getting them fitted.
I think I like the 'pretty look' rather.
I will put the normal wheels back on, and the BFG A/T.
Was there nothing really wrong with your shocks and springs that you took off?
one of the reasons I replaced my springs was, I developed a lean, to the passenger side.
Not much, but I could see it. May be 20mm lean.
I could buy your springs and shocks off you?
I could then pay West Coast 4x4 to swap them for me.
Then probably offer my 50mm springs and shocks for sale on the forum.

The tyres are 265 x 70 x R17, quite a biggish mud, when I stand them next to my identical size BFG A/T they are about 20mm taller

There is no body roll.

I've not removed mine yet. I've wanted to replace them with something (much like yours) for a while now. Just not got around it it.
AFAIK, there is nothing wrong with mine. They have 70k on and I'm the first person, of two, to take it off road so they've had an easy life.
If you want to do a swap with some extra beer money thrown in, I'm all ears :D

I'm glad you started to ponder the "pretty" thing before you cut a gaping 95mm hole in the fender for the snorkel. Is that still on the cards then :?:
IMO - The original wheels will soften the look, as will removing the a bar and spots.

Put some connectors on the lights and about an hours work each time you can swop wheels, a bar and spots off for the nice clean pretty look. And the other way when you want the more appropriate attire back. Nice set of choices then.
I think it looks fabulous just the way it is up there Graham!!! Leave it alone for a while & see if it grows on you...
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If you change out the springs you'll probably need to change out the shocks as well or you will be over-damped I think. But I like it the way it is - and when you're loaded for your trip you will need the extra load capability and travel in the new suspension, otherwise you'll be riding on the bump-stops all the time and trash the shocks as well.
Get the a-bar powder coated black as well - ooooooooowwwwwwweeeeeeee!!!

Sorry Graham - no objective point to make here - your 120 looks great!!!
I'll swap you the wheels and rubber for a Stockton Storage System.