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ignition switched feed


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Oct 11, 2022
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in the process of finalizing planning my dual battery set up, going all the way for a dc-dc charger and lithium battery. costly but should last.

I need an ignition switcehd feed to let the DC-DC charger know the engine is running, most other low consumption bits of electrics I have done are just connected to accessory on feeds..
I would like to take it from "non vital" system if possible just to avoid any issues down the line.

any suggestion very welcome!
thank you
Does the 90 not have the accessory power box in the engine bay?

On my FJ I picked up an accessory feed from the fuse box on an ‘add a circuit’ ran it to a relay which then powered an aux fuse box from which I could then hook up accessories such as dash cam, usb chargers etc
Hey thanks, there are some free slots in the fuse box both under the dash and in the engine bay. I run a couple of lines from acc switched ones but for the dc-dc charger I would ideally need an ignition one. Tbh I am being a bit lazy and trying to ask before taking the multimeter and testing all the empty fuse slots
I hope to find an ignition switched one without needing to splice in the alt d+ line or the ignition circuit
Sorry, I misread that you wanted an accessory live, but what I said would be the same for an ignition live. The accessory power outlet if you hae one has options for live, accessory and ignition.

My DC-DC didn’t require me to connect in to any feed other than link it up to the start battery. The DC-DC set up recognises engine running and also minimum outage according to how you set it up.
Thanks, there is no designated power distribution box in the 90(that I know of at least) apart from spare fuses available.
I know a lot of dc-dc don’t need a trigger cable but I went with a renogy as I want to add an in line switch on the trigger cable so I can cut off leisure charging if I know that I will only do a short journey so I have the option to prioritise cranking battery charging and give leisure battery charge when I know it will get a good cycle. Probably doesn’t make much of a difference but thought would be neat.

It looks like AM1 and AM2 fuses are both ignition related circuits..
I’ll get prodding with the meter at the weekend on the empty fuses…