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In the market for LC3 and some upgrades


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Jul 27, 2020
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Hi all,

In the market for LC3 for their manual rear diff locks. Now i am curious to narrow it down further to the year. I understand the injector issue was fixed part way through the 2002-2009 release? However, i am curious if I find one pre-fix, whether i could just take it to a Toyota garage to get it updated regardless?

Ultimate plan is to go for a drive overland. Part of this is taking it on a RoRo ship. I would like to make the rear door completely separate to prevent entry into the vehicle. Does anyone know how to a) remove rear door from the central locking, and b) replace the locking mechanism so i can have it on its own separate key.

Finally, on the roof i plan to put a roof tent, awning and 120w solar panel. It seems most of the 120s in the UK come with the factory rails attached. Is there an easy solution to fit the awning to the factory rails, or is the overhang too much from just two cross bars for the tent? Thinking a 2m or 2.5m long awning. Not keen on buying a second pack of cross bars to put a third cross bar just for the awning. Any other techniques around this? Fabricating my own cross bars (x3 - 2 for RTT and 1 for Awning) or removing the factory rails to replace with something else? Not keen on spending lots of money on a new basket or whole new system if i dont have to!

Thanks in advance!