Insurance and Oz bits



Mike wrote...
Hallo everybody
Sticking my head out again. I sorted the insurance story at 342 =A3 fully
for the Tesco tip. Sometime ago i asked for a quote from 4WD sys. in OZ:
Mike, pleased about Tesco, they seemed good to me, so I guess you are the
same senile careful old bugger like me ;o) The sort of customers they
like. (will put your name down for 'that' club as for others).
But did you also read my post about the Austrian insurance who give
no-claims for any evidence from any European country?
But maybe no matter now, you got a good deal there. Hope you got extra
Tesco points too !
On the Oz parts, you may have seen my posting about importing form the
Aunger company of Queensland. They did not charge me any tax as I was
outside Oz, there should be no doubt of that. Bosnian Customs did not
bother to charge me either !
As for fuel tanks, yes mild steel is good enough, no need for stainless and
mild steel is very easy to at least bronzeweld anywhere.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.


Morning guys
Talking about insurance, can you buy insurance for your motor from any EU
country or only the one you reside in.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland


Hi Jon
thanks for the club offer. Will i now get a head shakin` dog and a hand knitted
toilet roll cover for the car. I ll put them on a shelf to be fitted in to
the cruiser. You are more lucky with customs in Bosnia. Here they want cash,
hard solid poundlings. I can import for myself taxfree but if someone else
needs something it will have to go through the proper channels.(hahaha, not
so bad with two invoices). I hope no one works for customs on this forum.
Anyway i am now disappearing to South Africa for two month and will be back
in june. By then i shall want to place the order.
Looking forward to meet
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