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It's only bloomin Friday.... what you up to the weekend?


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Feb 24, 2010
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Following our 4,500+ mile trip the Cruiser is crying out for an oil and filter change, will probably do that tomorrow. Need to drain the rad and block and get the Toyota Red back in there too.

Sunday... the grass needs cutting, the ivy needs trimming and the conifers need cutting... oh the joys of living in the countryside :doh:

Might take Lu to the Attingham Park Food Fayre one of the days if she's good :D

What are you guys up to ????
Finished yesterday so long weekend for me :dance:

Going to change oil and filter today as i haven't done it for about 10 thousand mile.

Tomorrow i have got to start prepping all my kit for afghanistan as i start my pre deployment training on monday. i have also got to go into salisbury to pick up a rocking chair (don't ask!) but it might provide me an opportunity to have a quick blast over salisbury plain.

Sunday i have no idea.
Shall be drinking the finest Guiness Dublin has to offer tonight, tomorrow "work" + nursing a sore head...
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Having a play in the workshop Saturday; out for beers & bites at a buddies in the evening; gardening/house duties etc on Sunday unless...
I'm going for a small drive around in about 1/2 hour, most likely come back home on Sunday :mrgreen:

I hope it's not too cold :D
West Midlands Game Fair at Weston under Lizard. One of the best of the year. Will spend most of the day in Gunmaker's row looking at boys toys no doubt. Plus the gun dog section and maybe the beer tent. Loads of stuff, almost impossible to get around in a day. Might get some more fishing gear too. Just not sure if I'll go in the cruiser yet. New starter motor fitted last night. Courtesy of Karl's cave of delights.

spending the weekend entertainng my 3 year old daughter. Think we will have to go on an adventure :)
I will be in my garage fitting a new Front ARB winch Bumper to my New Toyota Hlux Invincible.

So will be finished on Sunday night, hopefully.
I'm here (free wifi)

Mowed the lawn this afternoon.

My shift ends saturday morning at 0600.
Shortly after I'm the bakers first customer, baguette & croissants.

Saturday afternoon fix a coolant leak on an ATV.
Saturday evening annoy the other half.

Catch up on some sleep Sunday morning.
Sunday afternoon I'm at the mercy of the missus, kids and grandson.
Off to work at 2200.

Monday and Tuesday some fishing in the evening.