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Keeping Busy during lockdown


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May 27, 2010
Finally I’ve got off the rear end and spent a little time in the garage. The mission? Rebuild the Bruiser 80 starter motor. The starter began to give up the proverbial in the typical way , chattering etc, I replaced it with an item from “Roughtrax” ( great firm) and put the offending item under the bench. For a number of years I have carried the replacement parts , ( plunger, contacts, brush assembly) in the Spares box when we’ve been galavanting on our trips, the idea being the replacement spares being a lot lighter than a starter. I might say essential because the truck is auto, so no tow starts there.
This item did the best part of 250kmiles, it’s the original item, so when I pulled it apart, unbelievably the interior was in amazingly good condition. I expected the contacts to be burnt away, nope, I would say worn, but with a strip, clean and fettle would “ go again” in a get home situation.
So, it came apart easily and replaceing of the offending parts was easy enough. So, next step is the testing, ( work in progress) so why not continue to carry the spares? The truth is, getting the starter off my truck was such a cow of a job , that in a breakdown situation, to then have to repair it (roadside?) would have been a bridge too far for me. The problem was and is part of my wiring loom is firmly in the way to facilitate starter removal.
My next ”project is to rebuild/exchange my original alternator, we had to get a replacement 4 years ago whilst froading in Sardegnia, I did get local help from a “ Bosch” garage run by a father , son and uncle outfit who I have to say were great, it took a bit of patience and “ Google translate” to get it,but finally they got a unit and changed the pulleys etc etc it fitted, what was nice is they took me into the workshop and switched their tester equipment to read English and ran it through the test program for me to see it was all working fine. I still have the old unit which they had stripped to see if could be repaired, which I will investigate the possibility of repair or replacement.
Gone on a bit here, sorry about that, I hope everyone stays fit and healthy , but I can’t see much froading being possible any time soon, so, back to the garage!!! best regards to all
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Feb 24, 2010
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Getting to the starter under that bunch of cables is a real pain I know. It's so much easier on the manual. If you can get a strap around the loom and pull it up out of the way it's easier. In Russia, we needed to get that multi plug apart to clean it as one of the autos was having gear shifting issues. What an absolute swine of a job that was. I had to stand around for hours waiting for them get it apart. :tearsofjoy: