Lincomb 2013 onwards

robthebox Sep 5, 2013

  1. robthebox

    robthebox Member

    Well Lindz and I will come till they take my driving licence off me, we love the crack, banter, beer/wine round the fire, plus the chance to see everyone again, not to mention the fantastic venue, Tony S and and all the tireless, brilliant, friendly organisers. This meet should grow but often catches people at the wrong time.
    Just a thought, a number of members, may have missed the post stating when the next meet is. Can I suggest that an 'email' is sent out to all members when the date is decided. Members will all be informed before they book holidays etc. I for one don't check the site when I'm busy or away, so I'm guilty too, I found out about the date for the (Earlier than last year meet) from my son Jimbo. I'd been on the site but missed the post! Yeah I'm blind or stupid ... or both. was expecting it next month, silly me.

    See you all there.
    Cheers Rob
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