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VED rates, new Highway Code rules, victim status for cyclists.....

Bet you were relieved the discovery started...

Of course it dare you!

All joking aside, the Discovery was very reliable considering what it was used for. Of course I spent a small fortune on it, suspension, wheels and tyres, ARB lockers front and rear, hardened driveshafts, flanges, swivels, armour and anything else I could lay my hands on.

The problem with Land Rover parts back then was quality control....cough shitpart cough, nothing really specced out, so you either suffered leaks or had 'stuff' custom made. It was a great car and took all honours at an all comers event held by Land Rover in Lorca, there were machines of all marques, most were not even road legal. I drove in, kicked arses, jet washed her off and drove to the you do.