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Looking for new look

tony rodaway

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Aug 28, 2016
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Hello guys.
I'm looking to upgrade my alloy wheels to a new look.
My problem is the ones I find are either to expensive or not worth the money.
I just want to no if anyone had upgraded to new alloys and what other brands fit the hub as in diameter.
I like the ford ranger alloy wheels but no they don't fit.
What other brands fit and and what do I look for as in specification figures.

Hope some one can add some light on this.
It's a bit frustrating as so many people just want to fit you off if you don't no what your looking for.
Any pictures of upgraded landcruiser with new upgraded alloys to give me an idea will be much appreciated.

I have no doubt there will be some one on here that can help .
I have never been let down in all my posts on here and very much appreciate all the help I get from this site.
Thanks guys.
Just search your own PCD and then enter it into a google image search . Most styles come in varying sizes and offset . The only thing you definitely can't do is fit smaller wheels .
Thanks shayne.
The thought off smaller rims was never an option for me.
Most alloy sizes are between 17" to 20" anyway just down to design and price.
The Toyota alloys are quite strong and well balanced for the 120, have you thought about maybe just getting the existing ones refurb'd and maybe diamond cut if that is the look you want ?

Just my 0.2p
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Surely that has to be a scam at those prices shayne
Hi there,
I bought the one below (Moto Metal). 17x8 zero offset 5 x 150 PCD. It wasn’t easy to find zero offset though.


  • Rims Moto Metal MO970.png
    Rims Moto Metal MO970.png
    1.7 MB · Views: 12
The shipping won't be cheap though, and would have to be extremely well crated from USA.
My first search was cut short so when i got 5 minutes i used the info i'd found to search again . I'm not buying then so just showing not so difficult to find .
I found a set of new hilux wheels in silver.
They were on ebay for £998 I think it was but collection only in London.
Bit of a track for me since I'm in Liverpool.
I was hoping to keep a silver wheel look not go black.
I appreciate everyone looking but seems an expensive look so may just go down the refurbishment road as geekokent suggested.
Am I correct in assuming the wheels from a hilux will fit my car.
I have found a set on ebay for a hilux but just checking with you guys first.
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 wheel specs and tire sizes (2002 — 2009)
  • Bolt pattern (PCD): 6 × 139.7
  • Center Bore (CB): 106.1
  • Thread size (THD): 12 × 1.5
  • Diameter: 17 — 18
  • Width: 225 — 265
  • Aspect ratio: 60 — 70
  • Smallest — Largest tire size: 225/70R17 — 265/60R18

The hillux depends on model/year. This site is good to find out the bolt pattern Site - leaving land cruiser club