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M& S Tyres cont



Anthony wrote...
It often rains here in Wale for far more than two days continuously and can
often rain for over a week without stopping.
I wonder what is the standard of driving and what sort of tyre pressures are
being run to experience such problems? (Present company accepted)
Thanks Anthony, I really don't want to labour the point ! Yes I have spent
some time working in Wales and also N Ireland where it gets a bit wet too.
But when he first came here, my Pa said he had never seen rain like it. Its
perhaps made a tad more interesting by the erosion that brings muck and
stuff onto the roads. But the roads that are the most dangerous in the wet
are those that have a Euroroute number so they do not get erosion swept
onto them as they are of a 'better' standard. Its just that tyres with BFG
AT, Colway AT, and Bridgestone AT type tread blocks without clear
circumference grooves on them seem to wander at speed in the rain. And
speed for us is 80-80kph - WOW ! Tyres with a groove or two seem more
directional and one feels safer with them in the wet.
Yes standard of driving is a good question. Of course my style is exemplary
;-) probably reinforced by my age. But at least most of my staff compliment
me on being a safe driver, though I still appear to make similar
cross-country times as others. I always drive myself but we do have 3
professional drivers who in the main are good, but the rest of the staff
are plain daft and no amount of training will get them to slow down and
take care of their passengers, let alone their own lives and those of
others driving in the opposite direction. When you see the driving style
in the Balkans you appreciate why they try and kill each other in a
war every 50 years or so. But let's not go down that route !
Tyre pressures I monitor closely, keeping to 2.2bar. But I believe in the
old 4psi rule, and after years of practice know what pressure to put in the
80 to keep within those tolerances when I am running with passengers or
heavy gear etc. But generally 2.2 bar is best (I think that's about 32psi.)
I have my own mini compressor and take care to inflate in the early morning
when its cold if I have to change pressures.(Sorry Matt, nothing fancy like
your stuff, not on my charity salary).
Let's call the thread closed for now, except I need some replacements for
my excellent Avon TSE road biased tyres on my Pajero in UK, suggestions
welcome !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where in a sunny +8C today we started
to have a thaw thankfully. Roman, the over 50's Zimmer frame & snowboard
club had a good day out on the slopes in that sun too.