Milner UJ's


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Mar 2, 2010
Gillingham (Dorset)
As some of you may remember a year ago my Colorado developed a Canary squeek that turned out to be the rear UJ on the rear prop shaft.

Well I bought a new UJ from Milners and fitted it and all was good the squeek went away alog with some of the vibrations. Well nearly one year to the day of fitting it, it has failed. I have done 17000miles on it, but I would of expected a lot more than that. This time I have gone for an OEM one at Nearly ten times the price but I figure that the expense will be woth it.

Milners were very good when I told them about it and offered to replace the part free of charge but I had bought the OEM one already so declined their kind offer.

Has anyone else found the same with their ones as I know a few others had changed theirs around the same time.



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Mar 22, 2010
Hello my u/j never failed but did develop play within 1000 miles. so i did the same and changed to yota u/j's and so far no probs.

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