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My Hundred


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Mar 18, 2010
I would like to introduce my new (to me) 100 series LC


You will have seen it on here before as I bought it off a fellow club member.

It is a very neat and tidy truck and is a great ride. When I bought my 90, it felt big on the road. Well, actually, this is big. When I now drive the 90, it feels like a toy, like I can play with it as if it was a compact. No disrepect to the 90 for it is a great truck and I have travelled far in mine and have been on a few adventures, but there is a significant step change when you move from the 90 to the 100 in terms of size, weight, power and I even have to add comfort. I recently gave my boss a lift in the 100 and he said, 'Well, it certainly gives you stature'.

The 100 is to be my daily drive, but the intension is to modify it for overland travel (time and money permitting - but those are just details). The idea is to keep the mods discrete and subtle. The AHC suspension has already been replaced with Ironman kit and the truck sits on BFG/AT rubber.


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Very nice :thumbup:

Enjoy it as they are great cars and look forward to your write ups and hope to be hot on your tails with my new 100 if the one I am off to see tomorrow turns out ok.
Congrats Reinhard, glad it's finally in your hands :thumbup:
nice one!

thought about going down this route too - but will keep 90 a few more years and then reconsider

look forward to the upgrade reports

I deliberated long and hard about whether to keep the 90 or whether it was time to move on - for around 2 years actually - and whether to go for an 80, 100 or 120. And then decided that I liked the 78's as well. In the end the 100 won.
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:bow-yellow: :bow-yellow: :bow-yellow:

Nice one Reinhard. Excellent stuff.

Very good looking truck.
I like the idea the AH suspension has been replaced with the Iron Man.

If and when the times for me to change my 120, then the 100 series it will be.

Congratulations - wishing you many happy miles in the 100! :clap:
Thanks all.

Here are a couple of comparison shots of the 90 and 100. Not the best shots as the two trucks are sitting on a side slope.

[attachment=1:2zsnf2t0]LC100 - 1.jpg[/attachment:2zsnf2t0]

[attachment=0:2zsnf2t0]LC100 - 2.jpg[/attachment:2zsnf2t0]

Does my bum look big in this?

The 100 is quite a bit larger volumewise but until I took these photos I thought that the 100 was actually higher. The body of the 90 is taller than that of the 100.


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You have already seen int in the previous pics ... but the first thing I did when I bought the 100 is damage my wallet a little more .. I took a punt on a roof top tent. The tent is mounted on Thule roofbars attached to the roof rails. The bars are actually the same size as those for the 90.

The RTT is 9 years old, but unused ... it has a few scuffs on the outside and the roof is slightly depressed - must have had something on it when in storage.

[attachment=3:xz1a3y7g]LC100 - 3.jpg[/attachment:xz1a3y7g]

[attachment=2:xz1a3y7g]LC100 - 4.jpg[/attachment:xz1a3y7g]

The mattress and pillows are still wrapped in plastic.

[attachment=1:xz1a3y7g]LC100 - 5.jpg[/attachment:xz1a3y7g]

The ladder is a little short - it stands too close to the car body. I'll have to get a longer one at some stage as if I set it up on soft ground it sink and could touch the body.

[attachment=0:xz1a3y7g]LC100 - 6.jpg[/attachment:xz1a3y7g]


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give BrendanB a shout - i got a new magg handle, long ladder and ladder bag from him
Looking good Reinhard, got any trips planned yet :)
Thats a nice new toy Reinhard :thumbup: I look forward to seeing how, and what you get up to with your 100. Liking the pic's :thumbup: Enjoy!
AndyCook said:
give BrendanB a shout - i got a new magg handle, long ladder and ladder bag from him

Thanks for the pointer Andy, I will.
Jon Wildsmith said:
Looking good Reinhard, got any trips planned yet :)

Not till next year - current plan is to travel up through Norway into the Arctic Circle to Nordkapp then down through Finland and across into the Baltic states before zipping back to the UK. Will probably be July - to experience the mid-night sun.