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new battery time


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Oct 31, 2014
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nearly didn't start today so I kept it running til I got home. charging at 14+V but only holding enough charge for a couple of starts. my original batteries lasted 10 years but these about 7 years.
I'm just charging my starter pack fot tomorrow.
I don't think I've ever had 2 LCruisers not working at the same time!
Just started this morning with the help of my Sealey lithium starter.
The new batteries are called something like 'Opi' ?
Hoping they arrive today because the dogs will be missing their car!
Do you mean Optima batteries, really expensive with different colour tops according to use/specification ?
Supposed to be really good .
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Just get the battery pair from Toyota direct. Yuasa ones that will last another 7 yrs, less than £140 for the pair
Just get the battery pair from Toyota direct. Yuasa ones that will last another 7 yrs, less than £140 for the pair
Second vote for Yuasa..... they have a 5 year warranty and last well beyond that.... I bought some top of the range Bosch ones for my M38A1 Jeep ( it's 24volt ) was desperate as it was due on a film set that day...... they died within 2 years ... won't make that mistake again
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I've ordered the same make as last time because 'Opi' can't supply for the 120. Unfortunately the nearest Toyota garage is 80 miles away.
I've always had excellent results with Yuasa but since Brexit they're not available in Portugal.
Batteries coming next week,in the meantime the 80's batteries fit exactly.
My Mr T replacement set lasted 7 years before showing signs of pegging out, have replaced with Exides for a change, will see how those pan out.
randomly selected one of the dud batteries and its now working fine in my caravan,getting charge everyday from the solar panel. the other battery was charged overnight on a charger and only read 10.6V this morning,so that's gone to the scapyard. I now wonder if I only had one duff battery!
Put in a split charge relay, they don't cost much and put the old-good battery to use as a third one,.outside of the primary pair and put whatever whatever on it. All the different devices, nav system, phone chargers etc etc.
My batteries started acting up in the minis temperature we have been having.
I went to karbar or ( culmac ) as it was once called and got a pair of varta batteries £109 each but good quality.
Since installing new batteries the lc5 now fires up twice as fast.
I have owned my lc5 for over 4 years now and never changed but out with the old in with the new.
Since I intend on keeping my lc5 I have no problems spending cash out to benefit myself and store reliability and piece of mind..
This is my new combination. :text-bravo:


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Same here, I put Varta batteries on my 120 3 years ago, after a recommendation by Trevor .
I put the biggest a/h, c/c ones on that just fit in the space and perfect so far, it starts immediately every time.
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Bad enough trying to fit new bulbs in with the standard batteries in place, so stuck with them, think several of us were needing new batts around the same time.
Oddly enough the larger and larger capacity size, which TM has jammed in ;) place, were much better value than those meant for the 120 possibly slightly cheaper too, i believe were they meant for the 100 series.

Same here though, no issues since fitting despite it sometimes standing for a couple of weeks between starts in winter, which is more than can be sid for too many modern vehicles which seem to use so much power just sitting that a couple weeks at an airport during winter you're likely to come back to a flat battery, one of the things what saw us move away from Mercs (W124's nothing new) which were always touch and go if there was enough power left after only a short period standing, if a motor isn't 100% reliable i don't want the thing.
Jammed in Jud ??
I nearly got out the BFH !!
They do have some wriggle room and don't contact anything though.
Yep, bulbs best (only) done with batteries out, but unless changing or upgrading, don't need to go there really. I think some motors have to have the front bumper removed to get to ?