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New guy from Leicester


New Member
May 9, 2023
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Thanks for letting me join :)
Im looking for help in finding people who can point me in the right direction
in helping me keep the old girl running ..... car not the wife lol
im trying to find a good mechanic who can help
( new clutch & flywheel )
i know a very good one but he is in ledbury i need someone closer
and im looking forward to reading peoples posts fingers crossed i can learn more
the old girl is 80 24v Amazon the best 4x4 i have ever had :)
Try Ducks Cross - 01234 376609 - they are in Wilden, Beds and are Toyota specialists.
There used to be a decent LC mechanic just outside Brackley. Now what was his name.
+1 for Ducks Cross although I've not heard of him for a long time.

Just curious, why do you need a flywheel?
Hi i need a new flywheel as the starter motor doesn't engage the flywheel every time :(
took starter out teeth in was ok but filings in bottom of case from flywheel
well good news i have found someone :) hopefully
all i need now is someone the help me with the handbrake :)
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