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Non rusty 90 or 120

In all honesty I'd rather he kept it and he could probably get more than that in good condition.

I'm only off to see this so soon as it's local, cheap and hopefully needs no work
The ones ive seen on ebay autotrader are usually not that great and more than 5k so id think Andys would be worth more.

In the end though theyre worth whatever someone will pay for it. WBAC offers 5900 for mine (not that theyd pay it, not that id sell it)

Moat of these cruisers still look great on top so you will get people buying them without even looking underneath.

But anyone from this site will be straight under and not even worry about the top :)
on a 90 series I'd always go for a D4D VX auto, I really liked mine for what it was, and even more when I fitted cruise control ( which you can't fit to the 1KZ ones). It was powerful, especially when I found it had a Tunit box but quite vocal, like a tuned up Massey Ferguson, no comparison to the 120 though. on a Collie watch for corrosion behind the plastic front wing arches and the bonnets seem to have a particular spot on the leading edge where they all go. Rear half of the chassis and back axle turrets are very prone to rust.
Offer Andy 5k? :)

Not at the moment, although its solid its starting to need some maintenance, like the front wheel bearing needing replacing and the drop links too. Its worth more to me for Maria to commute in for a few more years and get some value out of it. The alternative would be a 150 but the monetary difference would be huge for the potential gain.
Andy yours would be worth alot more £5k in all honesty.

A solid LC4 to the right person must be upwards of £6500 I'd imagine.

As said above all the shiny stuff is £6k upwards but then you look underneath and at the MOT history and they are not ones you would want to own without spending some decent money on in a short timeframe.

The one I've seen today is solid from what I can see - so I think it will be coming home !
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Couldnt get on the forum earlier but its now home ~(well the inlaws home as I dont have the space here as wasnt planning on buying one so soon !)

I doubt it will come out until after the summer is over, our current car is cleaned and sold etc

I will try and get some pictures / a thread going soon but it is just a standard 120 in silver lol

Once I can get a proper look on a ramp then I will see how sucessful my rolling around on the floor with a torch truly was !
Was up on the ramp tonight and although there are a few small bits that need doing it certainly not bad for a early 120 series !

The two worst bits are that it has a water leak coming in somewhere on the offside rear of the boot causing the carpet to get wet and it also ideally needs the rear crossmember being welded or replaced. Ive not managed to find a replacement yet with a quick google so that might be a Toyota only job !
Indeed - its certainly better than alot ive seen and I was pleased that there was nothing obvious ive missed !

I doubt it something that will be done before the ned of the year now but its good to know its not going to turn to dust in the coming months :D