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Not you lot, AGAIN!!!

Gav Peter

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Mar 1, 2010
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There was I hoping for a fresh new website & its the same bloomin' criminals showing up again & again... Crikey, admin is even worse on this site - look at that... Messages limited to 60,000 characters...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :cool:

Hi all, nice to see you, to see you nice!!! Looking forward to mucking in & trying to help make this a fun & flamboyant site.

admin message: User banned for using 4 smilies in one post. We have rules on this forum!

greetings Gavland ;)
Hey, welcome aboard. Where the underbody protection then???
I though Gav would get banned for the TLOCUK link in the signature
Well we can't be accused of underhandedness can we? Promoting the other site! Now that is magnanimous.

Hiya Gav.

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There's no grudges being bared here ;-)

Nice to see you Chris :) And nice to see you back as 'Gary' Gary - I couldn't get used to you as Zimcruza I'm afraid ;)

Skid plates almost ready for shipping - on a time crunch at work so they have had to take a back seat for now...
Mr Lad! my 2nd favourite Wirralian LC owner (my first being me, of course :p )

Good to see ya buddy, hurry up with those pics of your new front bumper :shock: :D
And there was me just getting used to using the other site, what is going on :roll:.

So as not to confuse myself guess what I have changed my sign in handle, being an original sort of chap, I have used my christian name this time, hope you like the originality :lol:. Oh and by the way I am still living in the Frozen north aka Edinburgh.

Looks like good fun, all I need to do now is get a truck, that is if I ever make my mind up what I want, 120 vs 150 vs or a really nice late 100 if there are any out there to be had, lets have a vote on it 'me thinks'.