Obama's "so called Isis"


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Feb 2, 2013
South Wales UK
I would like to agree with your shoot first talk later policy Dave but we all know power corrupts and we only have to look to American police to see how that plays out .

Comparing Isis to the IRA is nonsense , like it or lump it the IRA had a reason we all at least understood , what we have now is an invisible war exacerbated by world leaders refusing to acknowledge the problem , a circumstance that very definitely played a large part in the rise of the so called "far right" .

What calls men to war ?
If you could identify with Isis in any way shape or form at all and you had reached a point in your life of under achievement where you know its not going to get better - there is no hope . Might you hear the call to arms ?

You will die but the whole world will know your name .

I believe community is the answer or what the EU call "protectionism" . When Harry , Paddy and Mohamed are all sat in a bar complaining about work , laughing about the girl they all shagged in school , and perhaps ruefully discussing the retirement of the local police sargeant who was after all a fair chap even if they had all been collared by him in their younger days , then you have a community and a community can absorb and befriend anyone from anywhere .

You can't run a community like you run a chain of supermarkets because the community will appose it which is a nuisance for globalists .
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