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Wanted: Help with Stolen 1981 BJ40

Old White Walker

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Oct 21, 2023
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Hello all,

I had a family heirloom stolen this week and I'm hoping the good people on this forum could give some oxygen to my social media initiative to try and track this truck down.

Years ago I completed a Concours level restoration of ab1981 numbers matching BJ40. I don't need to explain how special that is to the participants of this forum. Over the years the vehicle really became part of the family, as these things tend to do.

It's distinguishing features are as follows:

Powder coated frame
Non typical color: BMW Silver Gray Metallic
Custom turbo (pictured)
ARB front bumper
Ambulance doors

This truck still had some of the "Made in Japan, Do Not Remove" on some of the glass.

It was restored by Ryan at Hilltop Cruisers in Alberta, and if anybody is familiar with his work, they will agree that this piece would be an outstanding example of the marque.

Anyway, it was stolen this week, and I'm trying to spread to word as far as possible because anybody who would buy this truck would know they were looking at something special.

Any help would be appreciated, including reposting the attached tweet, or alerting me if you see the truck for sale somewhere.

Thanks so much.


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Beautiful truck. Best of luck.