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Old musicians / performers

A great loss indeed, and too young considering the effort he put into to get "clean".

Cause of death unknown at present, died suddenly after a performance in Detroit.

He also did one of the best (IMHO) Bond theme songs too - 52 is no age at all these days. RIP.
I like this quote of his...

"I actually like rehab a lot. It’s like school; it’s interesting. I’m learning that I can be teachable at age 38. I would sometimes drink before we played. It wasn’t a big deal. It became a bigger deal when I stopped doing the other things I liked to do.

I used to ride mountain bikes around with my friends, and we’d keep 40-ouncers where the water bottle was supposed to be. But once I removed the mountain and the bike, there was just the drinking.”
Unfortunately, it seems it was suicide - what a waste.
Drink ? Demons ? Bad news health-wise ? Life getting on top ? No doubt the full back-story will emerge.

Shame he couldn't see a future.

Really? Dang. I loved his last solo album. It's been on repeat for more than a year. Been my 'go to' album. Incredible lyrics and vocals. I'd really hoped to have seen him on tour and there was supposed to be another album.
A sad event, more so for those left behind. Maybe not in this case, who knows, but sometimes I think that it’s the fear of failure or diminishing capabilities, a crisis of confidence, wanting to go out on a high. No specifics, but one of my sons was in a band, they were quite successful, toured the States and Europe, plenty of bookings, recordings, good reviews, TV interviews, etc.. Not kids, all seasoned musicians. They were due to leave for a series of bookings on the US west coast. The vocalist went round to pick up the guitarist, she hadn’t been able to contact him on the phone, no reply at the door of his flat. She had a key so let herself in and found him hanging. No signs of problems before, he was seemingly stable and well up to the mark as a player. Get behind all the hype and it’s a high stress profession, one where the harshest critic can be yourself and sometimes the drink or drugs are not enough.
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Sad for his kids, a suicide must be one of the worst situations for a kid...
Now this guy, what can I say, like it or not your life will have been affected at some time by his music. He certainly is getting on a bit now and is probably one of the greatest musicians/composers of our time…if not all time! He's certainly up there with the best…
Enjoy, I find this amazing, especially the small view count…:icon-rolleyes:

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Original backing singers… 40 years on!
Enjoy, live!
Original backing singers… 40 years on!
Enjoy, live!

Trevor Horn (guitar) joined “Yes” IIRC, maybe the keyboard player too, but can’t think of his name. Must have been late 70s...?
Anything that had Trevor Horn on production was great IMO.
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Anything that gad Trevor Horn on production was great IMO.
He certainly made an exciting record but I suspect there wasn't much of the original recording left by the time he had finished with it. Heard tales of him disappearing with the recordings for a few month and then returning with completely different recordings done by himself and session musicians. I give you Welcome To The Pleasure Dome!
ABC's Lexicon Of Love is a masterpiece though.
Just came across this from one amazing voice now aging gracefully…

Ageing gracefully at 70, where’s all the time gone to Rich?
Ageing gracefully at 70, where’s all the time gone to Rich?
And still got a great voice. Still writing great songs.

It is truly scary how fast time seems to go these days.
School summer holidays used to go on forever didn’t they?
Take a look at the synth setup on this from 1977. Well known track and limited to 3 minutes as a single. I always thought there must have been more to it.