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Gary Stockton

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Sep 10, 2012
Gotta love this!!

The Maun Customary Court has sentenced a 33 year old Kgosing man to 4 months of extramural labour after being convicted for an offence of common nuisance.

The accused, Otlaadisa Kehemetswe, was facing a single charge of common nuisance contrary to section 176 of penal code of Botswana Law which attracts a year's imprisonment. According to prosecutor Constable Modisa Andris, of the Botswana Police Service, on August 15, at 0100hrs, Otlaadisa played music very loud and when his mother, Kegaisamang warned him not to play music that loud especially at night, he responded “you are talking nonsense. I wonder how I came to be born by a useless person like you. Mother f***! I don't know if you indeed gave birth to me?” Andris said at the time of the incident, the accused person was drunk. In his plea of mitigation, Otlaadisa said: “I am the breadwinner at home and looking after my children”. After passing sentence, Kgosi Ledimo described the accused person as a disrespectful man.

“I was not impressed by Kehemetswe's behavior of undermining the court as he wanted to play with the court's time. The accused was claiming to have pleaded guilty for playing music loudly and misbehaving to his mother, Kegaisamang. Otlaadisa wanted the court to separate playing music loudly with that of insulting his mother which is completely impossible as his playing music loud at night led to the insults he hurled at his mother,” said Ledimo. When passing sentence, Ledimo told Otlaadisa that he will serve his sentence at Maun Customary Court doing every job that he will be assigned, including cutting down trees.

Maybe the CPS should follow this - we might have no need for ASBOs? BTW - Botswana Customary Law still promotes caning of culprits as a punishment :thumbup:
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