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Pin 7 mod question



Clive wrote...
Why do you want locks in high anyway?
When driving on roads in snow you are always in high range, yet even with
chains fitted (rare in UK conditions as most don't want to spend-out the
100 quid or so) there is often an occasion when a locker would be more than
useful. Apart from the extra drive it can give, believe it or not, when
going downhill with chains on yet not braking, the car can slew when one
wheel slides on ice whilst that on the other end of the axle is gripping in
softer snow/ice. A locker also keeps you straight in those conditions. Just
one of those techniques you get to learn over a few winters in real snow ;o)
I have no lockers on my 80 but have used them on a Prado, a '96 HZJ80, and
Disco FWIW.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia