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Posting images in Funny Pictures thread

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Feb 24, 2010
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Please be aware of the general forum rules regarding the use of swearing, profanity, racist language or other contentious material. The thread title is FUNNY pictures. Some recent additions have been determined as not only not funny but not appropriate in any sense and have been removed. What must be understood is that whilst the thread is only visible to registered members, the media that is posted appears on the main web banner visible to anyone including minors. If you have had a post removed then you need to ask yourself why and don't post something similar again. This is not a nanny forum and adult humour is welcomed as is slightly smutty, a bit rude and even to a degree a little argumentative. But blatantly pornographic, explicitly sexual and text containing unacceptable swearing will be removed without warning. Persistent offenders will simply be removed from the forum as moderators genuinely have better things to do that edit this rubbish especially from members who contribute little else to the subject of Landcruisers in general.
Not open for further replies.