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Project mush 80

They are only cheap universal windscreen covers I cut to shape then double sided taped then around the seal
Unfortunately the inevitable has happened, this project hasn't been touched in over a year (bodywork in need of repair). I've got other projects to try and look after like a 70 series, old merc, a van, 1 year old child..... so the 80 has sat at the garage with the bumpers and rock sliders off for about a year. I didn't want to do this but its a waste as it is, it's going to have to go up for sale. Even if miracles happened and I did fix it I wouldn't have time to use it (70 gets used once a week at best!) So I've no idea what it's worth, I've spent a fortune on it, there's receipts up to around 10 grand in parts but I'm not a dreamer and not expecting that back. You can look through my posts and see what's fitted, there's a lot of quality parts fitted that haven't had much use, I've done around 15000 miles in it. It would be ideal for a parts vehicle or body swap or someone with time to sort the bodywork out. I'm open to sensible offers but not insulting ones haha. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer as honestly as I can