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Radius arm and Panhard rod bolts...


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Apr 21, 2022
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Hello you lovely people...
I'm planning on swapping all my original worn out bushings for the nolathane ones, but looking through the manual, it states all the main bolts for all the various swing, radius and panhard arms must have replacement bolts.
Do you know if there are any suppliers of these other than Toyota?
Ideally a full kit of these would be ideal for a full refresh etc... or is it overkill to replace all of them?
Good alternative by Lorin, but there will be import tax (probably not a lot, and vat, - you will pay anyway) and you will have to wait.
You won't need to know the bolt specs from there either, just choose which ones from the on line parts caralogue.
Choices, choices.....
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If I were you, I would start giving the bolts progressive squirts of plus gas or similar in preparation for the job.
The ones on there could be seized/rusted, and Toyota bolts are well known to be made of cheese, so don't take a lot of pressure to round heads or snap.
Another reason to get non Toyota replacements, which I do every time I have something apart, good at the time or not.
Some, I have replaced with s/s depending on location, using copper grease on threads every time with correct torque.
Rust makes the bolts weak and they snap. If there is no rust between the bottom of the nut and the bottom of the bolt head, i.e. that part of the bolt under tension I would use the originals.
I'm a bit with Frank in that I if the bolts were in good condition I'd use them again. They are substantial bolts and hardly made of cheese. replacing them infers they stretch and become weak but looking at the size of them I'd doubt they'd stretch at all. When replacing springs you need to loosen off the bolts to allow the trailing arms to move independently of the bushes so the axle will drop enough. Do all the bolts need replacing in that case?
I've taken enough of these bolts out and put them back over the past nearly 30 years to know they don't want replacing
As you said Andy, "If they are in good condition" which is a fair statement.
Everything I have taken off my120 has been a struggle from rust/siezure resulting in the main, shagged or looking partly jaded bolts, nothing to do with stretch, even using copious release agent, and sometimes heat and shock, - this is on a vehicle much newer than the 80 series, but still an oldie by today's standards.
Some that came undone easier looked ok, but I replaced anyway with decent non toyota, as stated.
The expression 'cheese' in relation to Toyota nuts and bolts is a well known one, and a generalisation really, maybe not completely apt here ?
I concur with your knowledge, gained by the considerable experience you have gained.
Coca cola is a good one I'd forgotten, remember doing that at school with old lsd (money, for those too young) and it came up as clean as the day it was minted.
Make sure you soak your proper nuts in it though!
This thread has developed a lot more than expected, but in a good way.
Excellent advice and I think I will give everything a damn good brush up, good soak and tentatively start releasing stuff.
I did enquire with Toyota for new bolts.... and all but two for the front panhards were available - but total refresh of bolts will cost nearly 500 quid, plus a lonnnnng lead time!

I think my main concern was if these were "stretch" bolts and likely to part out in service if re-used.... and a tightening torque of 170 ish Nm, they're pretty well stretched for thin, long shanked bolts.
Hopefully none shear off or strip, but I'll have a go