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Rear Axle Leaking Oil Seal & Possible Wheel Bearing

Hopefully Steve has fixed this since he posted in 2012.
sae70, all I can suggest to you regarding Milners, is speak to Harriet Johnson there, Sales Manager, I think. She used to frequent this forum, representing Milners and she is very knowledgeable and competent. I have had several occassions where wrong parts were supplied, and she sorted problems out immediately, even going into the warehouse herself when neccessary. She takes Milners and her job seriously for customer satisfaction.
Haha, I thought I'd deleted that after reading Chris's post again.
Still may be of use for anything in future.
One would hope, Chris. LOL. But I was thinking posterity. I see lots of people with bearing and seal issues that go undetected until the entire bearing collapses. At speed, this can be scary.

Likewise, I read through lots of posts just so I can learn a bit, even though these may never be my problem. I may be able to help somebody else.

While I am here, and more or less on-topic, a fitter (ie to me, god) once told me I should grease all nuts and bolts, which makes later removal easier and mitigates snapping. However, two days ago my driving felt funny and I stopped and checked the tyres. All good. Looked again and found one wheel held on by one nut. Five studs had snapped off. An engineering mate told me it was because I was greasing the studs, creating too much tension. Ooops.

Live and learn. And thanks to all, for the education.