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Rear cloth seats (brown)


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Dec 2, 2011
Does anyone have?

3rd row actually....

Mine were 'mint pre accident'... The accident being that the rabbit was in its box and the dog was tied in to the second row seat lock on the floor....

I have two metal frames intact.

They don't often get used but very useful on occasion.

On the upside, the rabbit didn't get the dog.

There's not enough left to repair so I need to replace.

Dogs and Landcruiser interiors...... my collie has destroyed 2 sets of seat belts .... 3rd row , 2nd row and front passenger ones in the first incident , 2nd and 3rd row another time and recently 2nd row passenger side again ..... he's a rescue and hates being confined ....latest incident was despite an industrial dog guard fitted....and caused by him being in parked cruiser under an oak tree in autumn for 10 minutes....the acorns bouncing off the roof scared him.... he must have a secret razor sharp knife cause the cuts are precision....
Love him to bits though and spare set now on their way to be re webbed along with 1 3rd row belt from wife's E class Merc estate.....he got that one to ;-)
I have a set of 3rd row seats in brown. Collection in Bristol FOC