roof bars



Gents, thanks for your support.
Nice to hear from you JB, but suggesting Frogs got the moths in my
wallet trembling. Sure enough they list bars starting at 252.87
! But, I know, its the thought that counts JB, and thanks again.
Ian, yes you have truly tested out the quality of the Thule, but not
only do they seem pricey for my needs but they are also difficult to
work out with all their component numbers, combined with the fact
that on the list I have seen they do not show the 80 with gutters. Do
you remember the numbers for the mounts and the bars by the
way? And they all seem to have the bar terminate within the mount
and not overlap it to the outside dimension of the car. For my needs
I do not need an aerodynamic design as I will not be using them over
long distances or high speed trips.
My needs are rather the same as Peter's, I just need to move boards,
furniture and Ikea flat packs around in our property business. There
are some things that my trailers are not the right size for, plus the
fact that I do not have a tailgate and my troopie doors are awkward
for securing when travelling with a long load overhanging the bumper.
The Paddy Hopkirk commercial bars look good, but info is limited so
perhaps I should take a trip over to Cooks at Chesham
Their website is mindboggling. They show their ' budget bars' for an
80 at 95 quid. The rail mount bars are just 43.95.
Any more suggestions welcome though. TIA
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus