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Could someone show me a pic of the fuel pipe arch covers please?


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May 28, 2014
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I'm trying to refit all the plastic trim, mouldings, arch liners, mud flaps, etc after all the welding and rust proofing. I can't remember where the piece of black plastic in my pictures below goes, would anyone happen to be able to guess it off the top of their heads from the 2 pictures of it? I have written "BD" (which should mean Back Drivers or Back door) on it upon removal so I wouldn't be in this situation lol :D but alas here I am. I can't find a space for it at the rear door or the rear arches.

I though there was a bit of plastic hiding the fuel pipes when stripping, but it doesn't seem to fit there. Are the fuel pipes exposed in the arch like in my pic or is there meant to be a cover there even if it's not the piece I'm asking about above? If someone could share a pic of the pass rear wheel arch I'd be grateful :)

Edit - looking for pic of 120 series short wheel base passenger rear arch at fuel filler pipes




What goes here at the holes circled in red, I think this cruiser was missing these already when I got it but I'd like to get these bits of liner to protect the fuel pipes etc from dirt and corrosion
Your picture marked BD is upside down, the tongue shape fits behind the mudfap. and you have metal missing/rusted away where the red circles are to take round headed plastic clips that expand when pushed in position. In the case of the 2, one above the other, these hold the exterior plastic wheel arch trim to metal (if there was any)