Salisbury meet + Wales



Been busy so only just chipping in now.
I'm looking forward to Salisbury in April.
Also keen to try and get to Wales if that is the chosen destination although
I would favour France and a trip to either Tunisia or Morocco would be fab.
I just have visions of classic summer weather... I also don't think that a
Bank Holiday weekend is such a good idea for the weekend get together as I
imagine we will all be stuck in a line of steel on the way home.
Having said all that, I can even imagine we'd have a laugh and at leaqst be
able to have a free and frank exchange of TLC ideas.


Renate wrote
"Wales is easy for me to get to anyway,"
Now that depends if we let you in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Jeremy,
Just to break it down:
I'm looking into also organising so that ELCO members can join a French based
off roading weekend near Calais and will post more when I know it.
As for trips further afield, as I posted to Roman I will think about trying to
put together some sort of clearing/dating system on the website so people can
register an interest in a particular destination and then try to match up
dates, etc, Only a rough idea at the moment, but think I could put something
useful together.
As for the Bank Holiday weekend - I'm only thinking of it on the basis that
people would come along Friday pm and then have all Saturday and most of Sunday
with a view to heading back on Sunday PM to avoid the traffic and have time to
recover before work on Tuesday!
Although if you want to take the full three days that is up to you.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
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