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Salisbury Plain (Again)


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Sep 9, 2012
I know Lincomb 2 planning is underway
Does any body fancy trying the Plain, perhaps with out so much mud and a little more dust? :D

{Pedantic admin edit - changed to a "plain" rather than an aircraft}
Re: Salisbury Plane (Again)

Oh yes, might even camp if I can get the time off
Re: Salisbury Plane (Again)

Well im out, will be gone until mid September :cool:
I'm game.

Just say when.

And on a slightly off topic note, Julian what suspensions setup are you running?
(if this needs to be moved because of it's complete irrelevance to the topic please feel free to do so, i couldn't help asking :oops: )
Pick a date! I'll apply for leave :cool:
Ryan, I put a couple of pics up in the 100 section. Basically it is Fox Pro 2.0 remote reservoir, 6.5" and 10" travel, custom valved dampers. Some new front upper control arms to try and get a bit more travel from the Independent front suspension, a Slee diff drop cross member, to try and save the CV joints. OME torsion bars and OME 863 rear springs
We maybe should try and get a date for the Salisbury trip, what do people think about end of July or early August?
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Julian said:
what do people think about end of July or early August?
Late August would be better for me, I'll be in Croatia early August until the 16th.
Late august for me too, hopefully harvest will have calmed down by then
We could try some of the TOR roadbook, maybe not the whole thing as its 130 miles long!
I have the road book too, 130 miles might take a long time
Hi guy's

So any dates looking favourite yet ?

Depends on the harvest, but unlikley for either date for me :thumbdown:
Harvest can wait! It's over rated anyway ;) (Unless it's barley or hops in which case :teasing-whipblue: )

I have booked the 29th off :mrgreen:

Tommo - possible to see if the 'plain is in use that weekend?
i'm all over it. Regulars in the month of August....fat chance. Weekend Warriors though, i'll check.
can i please have club permission to bring a mate who has a P38 Range Rover which he has never offroaded........

Might be a giggle if nothing else, if he makes it as far as the Bustard Inn!