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Service: The list


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Feb 24, 2010
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I dropped of my 120 this morning at Romford Toyota for a service with a list of things to check. Some of them were:
Smokes like battersea power station when accelerating hard after driving slowly for a while
Oil / diesel / soot around the ERG valve
Tailshaft thump
Also commented on what seems to be increasing fuel consumption and reluctance when flooring it.

Nigel, a very friendly service manager has just called me back.
New ERG valve being fitted
leaky injector (! :o ! :o ! :o ! :o ! :o !) and suspect they need to replace all 4 due to poor spray pattern.
Will confirm about the rest

This is still all warranty work so it should be covered.
If there is a leaky / poor spray injector(s), I would be so happy if they do change it.

Question: he said the ERG valve was leaking gases. I did not ask where to. Could they make their way into the crankcase or does he mean the internal valve back into the air in-take?
My understanding and the pic I've seen shows it back into the air filter box
Based on the leaking valve, I'd be keen to see if they do anything about the engine-mount shudder we seem to get? If so, and it's a warranty claim, I'd like details to take to my Mr T to get sorted out. And the tailshaft clunk, although I suspect they'll just grease that up ...

But replaced injectors will be a big bonus, agreed ;)
I can't remember, but are those early indications of the engine failure issues on the 120's?
My airbox is clean and dry. All moisture was absorbed by the Salisbury Clay!

I'll know more this afternoon when he calls back with the details.
The injectors could be one of two leaks (I am guessing here) A dripping one, where it does not close properly or the cracked washer one. If he suspects poor spray pattern, I guess this would be the former. Regardless, he said he would replace them if they are. Does that mean he will remove one to check? If so, regardless of the state of the washer, it would require a new washer.

As for the tailshaft thump, on the list and waiting as is the engine shudder. When I explained the shudder, he sounded as if he knew what I was talking about. Pitty it has not happened for the last couple weeks. Hopefully there is a sensor and it's recorded the low mount pressure. Or something? :)
So, I am getting a new ERG assembly, 4 new injectors and a drivers side mirror. They going to get the all clear from Toyota tomorrow and then order the parts. Will be back in for 2-3 days next week for everything.
I am happy about the new injectors. :D No more "Will I join the 120 seized engine club" worries now.
As they are replacing them, I will ask them to drop the sump and check the pick-up for clogging etc. They's said the injectors are a problem so it should be a given. Only issue is they have just given (ASAIK) it an oil change. This might upset them..

Nigel, the service manager, is a top man.
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Really happy for you :mrgreen: Out of interest is it worth having a recommended dealer section as these guys sound reasonable?
Andrew Prince said:
[quote="Crispin":3csbrc79]So, I am getting a new ERG assembly,
You're talking about EGR = exhaust gas recirculation, right?

Glad Mr T came through for you![/quote:3csbrc79]

Yes, Typo (how many times did I make a typo :oops: ) . The EGR valve. From when I bought it, it has either had diesel sweat on it. Bit worse now.

A good point Tony.