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[SPAM][BL] [SPAM][BL] Could dye in aircon system cause the aircon pump to fail?



Thanks for the info jon, spoke to Julian and he said exactly the same thing.
Ill will take it up with the garage and see how things turn out.
2009/8/24 toyj80 <[Email address removed]>
> Robert wrote...
> My suspicion is that it has some thing
> to do with the dye fooling the pump into thinking there was freon in the
> system. What do you guys think?
> Robert, its quite a different smell when that clutch goes isn't it ? :o)
> After my first time the next time I smelt it when driving my 4 Runner I had
> the knife in my hand when I left the cab ready to cut the belt. I also had
> it seize on my 80 just once too.
> I am used to using Toys in hot climates where the aircon does get a lot of
> hammer. So have seen plenty of systems refilled. So please do not forget
> that the pump does not just circulate gas and dye, otherwise it would seize
> immediately. The fitter should also put a specified quantity of lubricant
> (usually a synthetic type) into the system before the dye and then finally
> the gas.
> So first, ask yourself if you remember seeing him put the lubricant in
> before the dye and gas. But systems are always filled with dye right from
> new and then whenever serviced - in my experience anyway.
> So, suspect lack of lube, the dye is innocent !
> Cheers
> jon
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