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Spare wheel spacer


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Jun 25, 2010
I had some new 265/75/16 Grabbers fitted this morning which I am over the moon with. On tar they are much better than the road oriented mix of hoops that were on there before, giving a much smoother ride and the steering is a lot less vague than before - previously I found myself subconsciously braking for every little bend in the road, now it just rails around corners like it should.

The spare wheel cover however won't go over the new spare because the tyre sits right up against the body work - is there a spacer than I can fit to raise the tyre about 5mm off the body so that the cover can tuck in behind it?
I have a 33" spare tyre on the back of mine, I used washers to space it off the rear wiper which would work for you to move it off the body work.
I think some people cut a piece of plastic chopping board to fit.

Might have to do the same when I get my cover. My tyre touches the paintwork too