SWB Collie roof drip moulding.........


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I am in uk
Aug 10, 2010
Witham, Essex, United Kingdom
..........part number 75551-60050 I'm led to believe :|

I noticed over the weekend the the drivers side one is missing so if anyone has one that they don't want or a source for a new one for less money that the Yota main stealer wants £55 :o :shock: :? Then send me a PM :)

It's the thin black plastic moulding that clips over the roof gutter to finish it off. You can just see it in this photo of Fiery running right from the rear edge of the rear window directly above it (almost blending in with it all the way along towards the front of the truck running down the 'A' pillar stopping level with the wing mirror.


Please help :pray: Is there a Land cruiser specific breakers somewhere :?:
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