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Synthetic ATF



Hi Reno
When you change the ATF to Synth what about the old ATF that you cant get
out will it mix or do you have to flush it?
I am already running the engine on Fully Synthetic when you first fill with
the synth you notice the difference right away I am guessing you would
notice the same with the gearbox.
Don't drink all the wine.
John Nelson
98 Colorado
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Behalf Of Reno Lamb
Sent: 02 April 2006 20:05
To: [Email address removed]
Subject: Re: [ELCO] Auto tsmn filter
Jon, Jon, Jon, Jon, dear Jon,
YES Jon, do go synth. It offers much more heat resistance (hah! as if it's
ever hot in Ireland) but more importantly it's a much better lubricant,
offering up to 10 times more resistance to heat shear. Personally, I use
Redline ATF.
Don't listen to the (very) old guard. Go synth, pay the bucks (or sterling,
loonies, whatever) now, and avoid verrrry expensive trans repair later.
With synth ATF and a good trans cooler you should never again have AT
YES, Jon, what's commonly called an auto trans filter is really just a
screen, as you found out earlier. Tis the same story all about,
lad....trying to sugar coat the truth, those marketeers. Who, me?
Ceferino "Reno" Lamb
Republic of North Eastern France very near Germany and Switzerland
"No, we're not rioting yet. We still have plenty of wine."