Troopie 1HDFTE

Henri Stofberg

New Member
Aug 30, 2010
Musina ZA
I got a new baby and have put in a lot of effort so far.

On Saturday we are leaving on a 6,000km trip. Prob be gone foe 10-14days.

Here are some pics.

This is what she looked like when I brought her to Musina

And then I saw this. I want to convert my Troopie into something like this

Busy with the drawings to build the tent and then I will chop the roof to make it flat.

This is what she looks like now.


Some mods that have been done.

Built and fitted own built bullbar.
Refitted winch
Fitted HID spots. These units I cut out off existing lights and then mounted them in pipes. Then made my own mountings that will not rattle loose.
Fitted dual battery setup that is DC2DC based.
Wired all the Aux wiring via its own fuse box.
Aux battery is 105Ah and is mounted in the back, recessed into the skin car.
Fitted strip LED's all around the inside of the car. 2 x 12LED units on the inside in the back, and 2 x 9LED units in the front. Also fitted 1 on the back for lighting behind the car for camping.
Fitted 5 x 25A Hella connectors, all round the inside the car.
Fitted 20 storage bins. 450mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 180mmH(H) ea.
Fitted 80l dual door, fridge freezer combo.
Built a carrier that houses 2 x 20l water containers, with taps, on the second spare wheel carrier.
Fitted 325/75/16 Maxxis Bighorn Muds on 10J rims.

Still need to mount the compressor and fit a pressure control lever and gauge to control the air springs from inside the car.
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Well-Known Member
I am in norway
Mar 7, 2010
Oslo, Norway
That is a nice cruiser. Looks practically perfect in every way (as mary poppins put it).
Congratulations, with the car and with the maiden trip.
More pix? (Bullbar, battery install, leds, custom dents & scratches ...)
And how about the plans for the RTT? Looks fab, and crazy enough for me as well.

Henri Stofberg

New Member
Aug 30, 2010
Musina ZA
Done some work on the car.

Fitted an inter-cooler behind the grill. Now to fit the chip. Hoping for that 150kw and 500nm torque. Maybe more.

Then to fit my shelf above the driver and passenger's heads.
Then to cut the roof and fit that fold open canopy.
Then the drawer system and the bins.
Then the Long Range diesel tank.
Then the water tanks. 1 for gray water and then the other for the filtered water.
Then the water filtration system.

Henri Stofberg

New Member
Aug 30, 2010
Musina ZA
Roof is chopped.

RTT is in the process of being made.
The frames are all made.
The canvas is being stitched.

So hopefully the tent will be up by the beginning of next week.

Drawer system is ready. Will be mounted in the morning.
Then I need to mount the onboard air system.
Then redo all the wiring that was ripped out when we chopped the roof.

Then on the 16th, off to Botswana and Namibia for 3 weeks.
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