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Troopy engines, what to choose?


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May 27, 2023
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Hello dear specialists,
I'm still undecided about the engine for my next toy (78). It's a vehicle that will be dedicated solely to travelling, especially far away (around the globe).
I'm currently on 1hz turbo, so diesel, but I'm hesitating about 1GR (petrol). I know the differences in use(torque, power, consumption), but less as for maintenance and reliability. My questions are
- Is the 1GR's more modern electronics an insurmountable problem in some remote areas?
- Is it more complicated to maintain a 1GR engine yourself, because of its technology?
- In terms of reliability, even if the 1hz is unbeatable, the 1GR has clearly proved its worth too, if I've got my facts right!
Thank you in advance for your advice.
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I don't know much about the 1GR, but I do know a bit about remote travel (I also have a 1hz in my 105), and my thoughts on your questions are:
-yes probably - its only a matter of time until something breaks, even on 1hz, and modern electronics, even if you can diagnose the problem with a laptop, still make it difficult to fix or find parts in remote locations.
- Yes, in my opinion it is
- Yes, let's face it, it is a Toyota engine.

I saw a lot of the V6 petrol engines in South Africa, normally hauling large boats or trailers behind them and flying past us on the motorways, but then they have a large network of Toyota Dealerships to diagnose and supply parts when things go wrong.

Ultimately, it comes down to where you plan to travel, how much spares you want to carry with you, and your mechanical ability.

What I can say with total confidence is the 1hz, while slow, is super reliable, and easy to work on.

Hope that helps.
Hi Nick, thanks a lot for all your answer and insights.
Indeed, I think you are the first in my life in social network who answer to all my question with precision and in order. When I wrote the second question, I immediately thought that one question at a time is better but I did ask 3 anyway. Thanks for that!

Yes, what you said resonates with what I heard, but it’s still hard to me to make my choice. In Switzerland, you can find only used 1hz. If you buy new 78 you will find only petrol V6.

About yours, did you make any change to your 1hz? Like Turbo?
I don’t like to tune my engine, I never did, but many did with success. What do you think about that and what the advantages?

Enjoy your day and thanks again
I drove a v6 petrol 200 cruiser in Oman. It does its job but is not spectacular.
My 75 had a <200k kms 1hz engine and was waaaay too lazy. This changed remarkably when I fitted a BIT turbo with 0,5bar max pressure. It made it a very driveable truck.
My 80 has a 1hd-ft engine. Driving this truck in the sand dunes is a dream! Unfortunately, toyota doesn't put the 1hd-ft in a troopy.

My choice would be a low mileage 1hz with a turbo, like the one you're on right now. Expect 12l/100kms

I've been discussing the longevity of a turboed 1hz engine with the engineers of BIT turbo in Holland. Their advice is that there is no problem if you put a turbo on a low mileage 1 hz with moderate boost pressure. Big turbo on a worn engine is a no go.
Since I sold my turboed troopy, it's been to Mongolia and back with no problems.

Btw how about a hilux double cab with a globe camper unit?
Hi firewout, thanks for this answer, especially the words of the technician.
Day after day, my choice go towards this (1hz with turbo).
I tried a 1GR in Botswana. Nice but nothing incredible compared to the the 76 I drove in the past.

When you say low mileage, what would be enough low? I’m actually on a 167000k (I’d say thats not so much for a serie 7) what do you think?

Not a fan of pick-up with cell. I’d like to move freely from front to back and keep it as simple/light/low as possible.
And not a fan to mount a cell on a double cab.
I drove a hilux single cab with alu-cab cell, but found it bulky and more restrictive as I thought on technical offroad path.
No problem @Pachyderme80 - happy to help.

No I haven't done any modifications to my 1hz and I don't intend to. Personally I would rather leave it like Toyota designed it, but that has a lot to do with my lack of knowledge of Turbos, and my desire to keep things as simple as possible. I know a lot of people who have put turbos on them with no problems at all.

Good luck with the decision, and let us know what you decide.

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I have a Troopy with the 1GR and before that an FJ Cruiser with the 1GR. The Troopy uses the early version SVVTi varient of the 1-GR so is not as powerful as my FJ was with the DVVTi and a tune. But it is fine, I cruised through Germany at 130km/h just fine, only the gearbox didn’t want to go faster.

The GR is a good engine, many FJ’s etc out there with 500,000 miles and no issues. Bear in mind also the cost of repair to a petrol is less than a diesel for many things,

MPG is about the same for all three engine options,

Yes there is less torque than the diesel, but you adapt your driving, it still has plenty of torque and power.

A lot depends on your destinations, some countries are better for diesel supply, some petrol. From the point of view of dirty fuel the 1HZ is the winner hands down.
Thanks for this information.
I’m totally confident that the 1GR is a good motor and totally reliable. But you know that’s not an easy choice to make between diesel and petrol (between reliability, MPG and easy to repair on my own) for the purpose of overlanding around the globe.
You said MPG is the same, really? I heard that the petrol engine consumes far more than the diesel one?

Around the globe, is the petrol reliability really never an issue? From your experience.
Have a good day!
I put the turbo on mine when it had 190k.
167k with a good service record sounds perfect.
No it’s not an easy choice, I deliberated for ages over all 3 engine options but for registration in the UK the GR made the most sense.

I’ve a friend with a HZ Troopy and comparing it seems the fuel economy is pretty much identical (it was the old 4.5 petrol that drank) on paper at least the VD is also about the same. My vehicle is at full weight and kit on roof etc.
No it’s not an easy choice, I deliberated for ages over all 3 engine options but for registration in the UK the GR made the most sense.

I’ve a friend with a HZ Troopy and comparing it seems the fuel economy is pretty much identical (it was the old 4.5 petrol that drank) on paper at least the VD is also about the same. My vehicle is at full weight and kit on roof etc.
Hi Gr8Yota,
Thanks for your answer.
For many reason the petrol one seems to be the best option,especially if we want to buy a new one.
I’d be happy to have some information about the process to import one from Dubai. Can I contact you in private or do you prefer that I create a new thread?
Thanks in advance
Cannot find the way to send you a private message?! Is it possible through the forum?
Interesting topic,
Must admit I have zero experience with both motors mentioned and I guess markets around the world are different to Australia by the sounds of things.
My Troopy came factory with the Factory turbo 1HD-FTE motor in 2005, think it was only a year after or so before they changed to the V8 VDJ..?
interested why this motor have not been mentioned although I do know here and many countries in the world it's still in very high demand so getting harder to find even a wreck with this motor.
Very biased but I think it's the best and most reliable motor Toyota have ever made..
Totally agree. I’d not realised the 1HD was fitted until more recently. It seems Toyota did this for a very short production. There are few around, some in South Africa and Auatralia.

If I’d found one in my searches I’d probably have bought it!