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turbo or no turbo



Stefano wrote...
I bought a hzj-81v 95 diesel (non turbo) with 65 k Kms, imported in UK and
then converted & MOTed by the seller; now 2 years after it has run about 20
K m i l e s trouble free, if a bit slow up-hill and with a trailer.
I am very tempted to fit an aftermarket turbo, but I am worried about:
bottom ends, injection pump & injectors upgrade e mapping, fuel comsumption,
Has anybody had made this type of up-grade?
Which turbo? What else is to be considered?
Stefano, further to Julian's comment. I would suggest that to get in
touch with some Oz 80 owners you had also better join the Lcool
international list and then look through the archive. Most of us here
also subscribe to Lcool and it is a very useful resource. Most TLC's
in Oz are diesel and there were plenty of 1HZ 80's imported as well
as countless 70 series with the engine. In fact it is coming back
again in a slightly modified form in a new 'ute' model. They are a
typically gregarious bunch with a sense of humour that Brits
understand, but you will see the Americans are sometimes given a hard
time in their many discussions. So you may take a while to understand
the many quips. But seriously they are mostly very good engineers
and most of them have tried most tricks with the 1HZ. If you can't
find enough in the archive then just post a query even aiming it at
the Oz fraternity in the subject line, and you will get a very
helpful response. And surprise surprise, a lot of them will recommend
mods supplied by Maarten at AAI. As Julian said, he is the best for TLC mods.
We also have a very experienced TLC technician on this list residing
in NZ who also posts to the Lcool - Craig Vincent, though he has been
quiet for a while. Are you out there Craig ?
Its interesting that you sourced a 1HZ engined 80 that came from the
UK. They were never sold with that engine in the UK and not in Japan
either - from where most imports arrive into the UK. The 1HZ mostly
gets into Europe via the 70 series of which new models are still sold
at least in Germany. So anyway, its nice to know that I am not alone
with my 1HZ powered 80 on this list !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - smokin mice JB? isn't that illegal
in Eire too, or were they smokin something illegal ? ;o)
Stefano wrote....
my toyota was sourched from japan direct, infact I have
the whole service history sheets in japanese from new, but I understood that
it was an "export" specs; not sure what it actually meant in terms of haves
and haves-not.
Yes its interesting that one ! I would guess that it was an
Australasian market model that got diverted. This will be definitely
confirmed if you have 4 separate headlamps recessed into the grille
moulding, and not two lamps moulded under a composite smooth lens
each side. Though having said that, I think it was about in 95 that
they changed them to the more aerodynamic smooth moulding variety.
Its a start anyway.
If you have the dropdown tailgate and not troopie rear doors then it
is not a military spec. I don't know what model spec mine is either.
When asked if its a GX MX or ZX, all I can reply is that it is
military spec and they didn't get any suffixes that indicated the
spec. Its just bare bones with manual everything. Originally held in
stock by Toy Japan on behalf of the UN ready for deployment on
demand, therefore its for an indeterminate market, though in my case
for warm climates with just a single 75ah battery. So look at the
firewall plate and you will see a tech spec shorthand. e.g. mine is GCMRS.
Download 'Toyota Land Cruiser Frequently Asked Questions List' by Rob
Mullen - just Google it. Then you will be able to identify all the
technical aspects down to the ring gear teeth etc. There is one
other site to look at but come back to us when you have investigated
the FAQ list first. HTH
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus