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What I'd suggest is as follows (now if u have more money than sense and
behoves me to say some of the other listers may think so - what with a
crusing trip to UK just for buying bits :). However I'd do the same but I'd
also organise a meetup with the boys for some wheeling demostrations (in
that way u can then also compare how the different tires run and grib (or
not) etc. and even hop in and see what they're like on the road)
1) get a set of AT's (thats presuming that u have regular road tires now) if
u're going to have only one set and they are reasonable good in all that
good Irish rain on the road. These are nice on-road and pretty good in
everything off-road except for mud. These would run $700 over hear for a set
of 4.
2) if u're going for a 2nd set then get 285's MT's Radials. These still have
road manners and pretty good off-road. I hear the BFG MT is better than
Goodyear MTR for mud. These would run $800-$1000 over here (set 4) and 2nd
rims about ($200).
3) if u can afford it and u're gonna play in a lot of mud then go for Bias
285's in a Swamper, Simex or similiar style. These are more aggresive than
MT's. If u're going for an OME lift then u may go bigger but 285 is a nice
size and no mods needed for truck.
I run (Jon runs bigger) 34" Simex on a seperate set of rims for my
offroading and they do ok on the road. Its a matter of getting used to them
and travelling slower and more cautious driving. They are not that great in
the rain but again u've modified yer driving style. I ran these for 2 yrs in
Scotland and plenty of rain there (one year got 84" of rain :)
Also have u tried much off-roading (farmer fields, boggy hills, off-road
centres (not many in IRL), club outings etc.)?
If not then I'd hold off on the 2nd set of tires until u see if u really
like it.
It has disadvantages in that if u're hanging out with smaller trucks (as is
most likely the case like D-90s, Suzukis etc.) then u're likely to get your
truck pinstriped (aka small scratches on the side) from gorse bushes and
regular bushes etc. This is becuase the smaller width trucks will fit thru
these gaps fine but u'll find that u'll squeeze a bit and some scratching.
U're also likely over time to scratch some bumperettes (plastic on each rear
side bumper) and same on front.
When playing offroad and get stuck make sure u're with some other guys that
can pull u out (winches or otherwise) as a sunk 80 up to its axles in mud is
one heavy momma.
All this will happen gradually and if u're lucky u won't suffer an dents.
U'll really only notice when u clean and wax the car so if u're in the habit
of doing that quite a bit now then u're (waxing and buffing) technique will
need to get a bit better or u'll leave it dirtier more often (as I do :)
So I'd hop in with some other guys that are doing this kinda stuff locally
and see if u're Really interested and how far u think u'll push it. Me, I'll
do grades up to 7-8 here but not into the hard core where its likely I'll
dent. Mine's a daily driver and can't really afford any more (grief from the
good woman) discrepanices. If I have more armour (ARB front/rear) then I'd
move up a notch or too.
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Hi Lal
What time is it there. I am constantly looking for things for the cruiser
but will not give up the cash before I am sadisfied . Sometimes it works and
some times it doesn't. I want the best of both worlds but if I can have that
at a discount I will. Correct me if im wrong, off road tyres will wear out
very quick on the tarmac and give less grip on the road, road tyres are crap
in the off road situation, The all terrain are a half and half but I need a
good road tyre to deal with all the rain and when I do go off roading I will
need a good tyre there too. I think I will have to go for a set of new rims.
If I do go off roading the meet place could be an hours drive or more away
and if I put the off road wheels and tyres on at the house I will wear them
out on the tarmac so I do not know what to do yet. O and by the way you
can't make me jelous just cause you have all the fun with the sun, real snow
and the abundance of off road places. No doesn't work at all , not bothering
me one bit.
John C
92HDj 80 1HDT Ireland


On Apr 12, 2005 3:58 AM, Brendan Lally (E-mail) <[Email address removed]> wrote:
I'd second that. If you want to get involved in off-roading, you will
be doing it locally anyway. Join a local 4x4 club for all marques and
see how it goes. When you get the hang of it you will know by yourself
what you need ands the guys will tell you where to look for it In such
a way you can progress with the truck buildup in proportion to your
skills that give you confidence which things work best in the
Reading the net you may get false impressions as plenty of
modifications are related to rock crawling and that is just a local
phenomenon. Most of the mods the yanks do are useless in the real
world, and you will find that you can achieve a lot with less when you
tackle the local obstacles.
The worst dent you can get is in your ego, so do not worry when at
first you will get stuck more than everybody else.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80


Hi Lal
Thanks again for the info. When we repacked the Cv the other weekend I had
no diff oil at the time so thats why I left it untill yesterday. So learning
agin when doing a repacking on the Cv always have diff oil at the ready
because you will need it.
I think like most of us money is always an issue and thats why I like to
find out a lot of info before I buy. The trip to the Uk will more than pay
for itself if and when it all comes together. I agree it could be a good
idea to meet some of them but then would they really want to meet me and
would it be only to give the slaps ( stop asking so many -----questions )
you hear us, o ye and your cruisers crap aswell as your off road driving.
I am leaning in the direction of getting a seperate set of rims and put the
MTs on and then that way I know ill have the better tyre and wheel for the
off roading. I think if I was to get the ATs I would always feel I am
compremising on road safety for all the time I spend on the road just for to
save a few Euro. I have to think of the next generation that is carried in
the rear. I take your point that when I do a bit of off roading I may not
like it that much. But I think Ill want more of it not less. I think also
that the MTs would suit the mud here and the gravel or what ever else,
because lets face it it is nearly always muddy here, something to do with
the rain I heard. I do also take your point that smaller 4x4s will not be
any advantage to be with at all cause if they fit through gaps or what ever
I wont. But also if I get stuck in some mud I can't see a suzuki pulling me
out or even two of them, so maybe better to stick to the same class of
vehicle as the cruiser. The problem will be to get the same class of driver
as me extreme beginner, novice, or other. I also think that if I dont
prepare the cruiser for the off roading then when I attempt it it could give
me a false sence of what its all about.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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