Vacuum Booster - leak ?



Lubo, good day.
What problems are you experiencing with the brake system / booster ? I used to work as for a company called Girling brakes. For a good few years my job was on Research & Development of boosters and master cylinders of cars and light commercials.
There was a very long thread a while back on the lcool site about an 80 with long brake pedal travel - it turned out to be the pedal height was set incorrectly.
Let us know.
Regards Gareth Jones. '97 1-HDFT Newport S.Wales.


Good day Gareth
The leak was not on the brakes but on the power steering. I will know
what is wrong(in details) next week.
Thanks for your interest
On Nov 23, 2005, at 9:21 AM, Gareth Jones wrote:
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