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Water pump for BJ73 with VM 5 engine


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Oct 2, 2021
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Hello all,

I need to change the water pump for my VM66A (HR588 HTA) equipped cruiser and was wondering if anyone has some experience with this.
If bought new from Megastore4x4 in Portugal, it'll cost me €350 just for the pump without the flange to attach the fan clutch or a gasket. I have found non-VM water pumps that look exactly the same as mine for the HR588 HT equipped Alpha Romeo 6.
Does anybody know if they would work for my 73 with the same engine? It would be a lot cheaper!

Lastly, is it difficult to remove and replace the flange which attaches the shaft of the water pump to the belt pulley? I've seen videos of people using hydraulic presses but a mechanic told me it's not advisable.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Mike,
I had problem with my pump last October and here is the response I got form VM representative in UK.
"Thank you for your enquiry.
HR588 was discontinued many u+years ago. We do have an alternative water pump but the drive pulley will need to be modified to make it fit onto the new water pump. I will send picture to show you.
The cost of the alternate water pump: £138.00 + Shipping
Let me know if you are interested and I will let you know how much it will cost to ship.
I remember I got similar offer from VM representative in Madrid but can't find an email. Eventually it was purchased in Spain directly by my workshop but needed some adaptation works as the shaft is bigger and connections are not the same, but have been driving with it since and had no problems.