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Welcome home, Charlie and Nina


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Feb 24, 2010
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For those of you following the daring duo's exploits, I thought I'd let you know that they arrived home safely. 13 months after leaving the UK shores. They had some transmission problems at the end, still undiagnosed, but the valiant little truck limped on and got them home safely.

I can feel a book deal on the way. Few people can have crossed that many borders in one go. It's been an epic journey. And I worry about driving down to my Sister's!

They're coming up to see me next week, doubtless I will get the versions that didn't make the website!

Three cheers for Charlie, Nina and of course their 90 series. :happy-wavemulticolor:

Well done to Charlie and Nina! a fantastic acheivement and adventures, and mostly fantastic people they have met.

can they do it again? - i have enjoyed many a lunch-break reading about their travels and looking at the photos of the amazing places, and will miss the read!!!

would love to do a big road trip like that myself...
Awesome, well done to them! :clap:
Welcome home,
I too enjoyed reading about their adventures and looking at pictures, almost from the beginning.
Nice, nice trip! Congratulations!
Welcome home. Just one qeustion if they they went again and would they choose a 90 or an 80 series to go?

Good question Joe, Ill see how many breakdowns I get during my trip :mrgreen:

Thanks for the info on Russian red tape Charlie and welcome back.

Chris why aren't they on here? do they not do forums?
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They do, but remember that they were away when we launched. They kinda have their own forum! I asked about their vehicle a while ago. Last we spoke - they intended to keep the 90. We talked about 80s and actually it's bit of a dichotomy. You can take a relatively new 90 which is less capable perhaps but newer. Or get an 80 of unknown origin and spend a fortune on it getting it to hopefully reliable condition. Given that most will have 100k at least on them and be 12-18 years old .......

It's a toss up really. I think I'd go in an 80 for the sheer strength. Their 90 has been reliable. Very reliable, but they have had some issues that have escalated. They didn't swap the rad before going, which I certainly would have. So head failure was the start of everything really. I would have fitted an AT cooler too to get away from that shared rad. Is the issue that the auto rad is small in area and gives less cooling? Manuals don't seem to crack as often. Anyway going OT there.
80s are easy(er) to fix, but Charlie would be the first to admit that he's not a mechanic so easy or not, you need a degree of ability to fix anything.
What other vehicle would have done them as well I ask. Well other than anything Toyota or at least Japanese.