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We're back!

She's alright all things considered. Got a bit in common ......our kids , our dogs........
Confused - why / where are you seeing that flag?

It's a browser plugin that puts a flag beside the URL bar to show where a site's server is based:

SS 2022-03-06 at 21.02.57.png
we live for the small things heh....
Did the "Stickies" get lost or do i just not know how to find them ?
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Which stickies Shayne? Certainly didn't un-sticky anything so might be something odd.
I think but i'm not sure my swapping the the 90 series lower wishbone bushes was made a sticky so i wandered around in the 90 series section and couldn't find stickies at all ?
Odd. Not sure. Threads certainly not deleted. There should be an index thread like in the 80s section. Can you find it in the search? I can restick it.

2nd thread in the 90 series section, scroll down and you'll get to your piccies shayne
One observation - since the last upgrade it does seem to take longer to load messages/replies (I get a whizzy blue thing across the top of the screen - that's a technical term incidentally) for a few seconds if I post something... Or is it just me?!??
Not just you Dave, I have it. You get used to odd things happening.
If it aint broke, f**k with it anyway !
Odd. There was a substantial increase in memory usage after the upgrade so may well be something odd. I'll take a look and see.

Any specific thread I can use?
Hmm - I noticed it on the thread about a 120 with weird handling - it's not done it on this thread though...
I had to rebuild and flush the cache so the first person to hit any thread will "pay the price" as the thread rebuilds. Any already-visited thread should be lightning fast.
Give it a while to settle and see if it's still like that next week.