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Wheel arch clips and wing fixings

Roy Duffy

Apr 4, 2012
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I have been doing body work on my 80. I now need to reatach the wheel arches. Some of the plastic clips have broker and the fixing in the wings are missing too. Does anyone know where i can get both parts? And if possible the part number?

Roy :)
Try 227s parts - on eBay and Amazon.
A massive amount of different body panel clips with pictures/sizes, at a fraction of toyota prices, as long as you know which ones you are looking for, as not always vehicle specific.
Or if you don't mind paying DHL, and want OEM then PartSouq - at the very least you will find diagrams and part numbers here that you can reference
Roy, if youre still out there as no response, Amayama, as Partsouk, but be prepared to wait while they are shipped, and sometines there are additional costs - both good though, although I would go for 227s for these if they have them, being in UK and quicker.
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It's worth putting the original part number into eBay.. Often an alternative non Toyota will pop up
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Thank you everyone for your help!!! Ill update you with how i get on. Really appreciate your help :)