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Where to buy bushings for Koni shocks

Chris E

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Dec 10, 2019
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Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy bushings / silentblocks for Koni heavy track raid (the large ones) shocks for a HDJ80? I put toyota orginals in but it failed ITV (MOT). When my mechanic had a look at it they say the originals are too small for Koni shocks.
Thanks in advance, Chris
I lost my monroe bushes because shocks bought were not fitted for so long after purchase and it was baffling to realize nobody sells them .

Any Koni supplier can likely get you a new set .
When living in the UK I often needed one (two) off springs to suit some of the oddball machines I built way back, a V8 MK1 Escort for example, so they covered custom orders as well as stock products.

They were called 'Paddington Springs' in Paddington London. They also had a range of shock absorber and spring bushes and they were definitely there a couple of years ago because @Rodger (40 forum) and I modified the rear springs on his 40, we needed a couple of slightly larger spring to axle locating bolts due to the mod, Rodger found them not only still there but very helpful, might be worth a shot if they are still about?


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Thanks Dave, I will try to find them. I have contacted Koni offices and distributers in many European countries and none of them have it and some think it may not be possible to replace. How can it be possible that a damper for £300+ has a bushing that the supplier can't replace. Any other shock manufacturer will replace this bushing for ~£5.
It is the lower rear bushing - the one that sits within a metal ring.


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Let the forum know how you get on.


Are these the 2 part bushes like an 80 or the silent block type bush like in a 100 series ?
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I managed to get some bushes for konis about 5 years ago from rft performance parts , in Surrey I think.
Will have a look & see if I can find any other details
Phone was 01252 494016