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winch advise needed


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Oct 3, 2012
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Right where to start

I have a huskey to fit the front of my 80 spent ages modding the bumper to accept it but didnt check the bolt hole line up after crap painting of the bumper. so dont want to weld a drill it.
I have had enough of this now so am looking for something else spoken to comeup very impressed but but offered a cracking deal from goodwinch on a 12000lb low mount.
I also have a 8274 that is totally rebuilt with a bow2 motor and strong internals in it sat at home. also found a aluminum winch bumper that i need to make some mounts to fit so can also make a winch plate to fit any winch.

what is going to be best to go for not to fussed about the speed of the winch 8274 its only rated at 8000 but its got me in some stupid places before so i think it must be more then that.

Sounds like you have too many options - not a bad place to be in :)

From what I've read from Ben's thread the 8274 sounds like it would be the way forward? It's certainly the winch I have on my bucket list now.
yes not sure the 8274 is amazing but kind of thinking for a later silly projsct i have in mind for the future.

i think the huskey might end up under the back
Well we have let enough blood over the winch rating before now and in practical tests it was shown that 9500 lbs winch is enough. You can go for more but it's not actually necessary. There is a chance that I winch (off road) more than most people on here and have 2 TDS on my truck. The winches have never failed. I have snapped ropes, I have had solenoids fail and I have had isolators fail to the point of frustration, but never has 9500 lbs not been enough. And when I am stuck, you'd better believe I am truly stuck.

David at Goodwinch is excellent because he always has spares and sends them by jump jet to you. But the finish on the TDS is marginally better than Ironman suspension. The Come Up I have on the new 80 will most likely never be used and the finish is much much better and should look good for some time to come.
Winchmax appear very well priced. not fast, which is probably where they save money, but well made, durable and with good parts back up.
I was passing through devon on monday a brought a 9500 tds at a great price. I cant thank david and his team for looking after us. although how far from anywhere is he????. so hopefully i will fit wednesday night or over the weekend. now do i put the husky in the back ??
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I know, hos place it totally off the map. Even for a farm.
No contest.

An 8274 with a Bow2 motor and a Gigglepin updated main shaft will pull the other winches apart. If I recall bow2's are 6.5 or 6.8hp so that puts it on the 12,000lb plus range and if you want more you can easily add a Gigglepin twin motor housing to double up. They have the added advantage of having an external break so heat doesn't transfer onto the rope.

The only downside is you will need an 8274 specific bumper or buy a Glynn Lewis 8274 winch plate and weld it into a winch bumper. Before you start cutting measure up the gap between the front of the winch tray and the first solid thing on the engine bay (radiator?).

The other downside is you end up being everyone else's recovery vehicle.

On second thoughts they are rubbish. Go with a cheap Chinese which and sell it to me :)


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I had front and rear 8274s on my Defender winch challenge truck. The only thing that is comparable to twin motor 8274s (or better) are Red Winch and Saley hydro winches but they are £4k plus.

Final word - any one using metal wire should throw it away now. That stuff isn't strong and kills when it snaps. Synthetic rope doesn't hold any energy when it snaps so is perfectly safe and weighs nothing. Any branded Dyneema plasma rope is good and I would go with 10mm and as long as you can afford and get onto the drum.

Lecture over :)

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You know what....a lowline type of winch might be a lot less hassle.

I'll get my coat.

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You should really qualify your statement when talking about winch ropes.
The wire rope that gets supplied with (Any winch these days) Chinese winches is a liability, when it goes (and it does) it will whip and people can get hurt very easily but the tales of impending doom are very much over-rated.
Proper wire rope as used in forestry work is something else entirely (the clue is the serial number tape that runs down the core) when this stuff goes it really does go. I've heard it go over the noise of a chainsaw at full chat and it was genuinely scary but that stuff will take abuse like you wouldn't believe, I'm talking abuse that your bestest "plasma" wouldn't make it till brew time.
Having said that i'm running a 10mm elcheapo Winchsolutions "plasma" rope and it's doing ok (stalled my 12,000 on first layer and didn't snap)
Just take the Bow motor off the 8274 and put it on the husky, job done ;)